Adiminstrative staff

Department of Physics
Director: quan Wang
Vice-director: Wenxian Zhang, Yi Yang

Department of Materials Science
Director: Chunxu Pan
Vice-director: Pengfei Fang

Department of Electronic Engineering
Director: Guojia Fang
Vice-director: Sheng Chang

Centre for General Physics Teaching and Physics Experiments Teaching
Director: Meiya Li
Vice-director: Huangjin Shen, Weihua Lin

Office of Party and Government
Office of Party Committee: +86-27-68752161
Office of Administration: +86-27-68752969
Office of Teaching Affairs: +86-27-68752993
Office of Research Affairs: +86-27-68752161

Office of Student Affairs
Branch Secretary of Youth Corps Committee:Lizhu Lu,Tel: +86-27-68752997
Office of Undergraduate affairs: +86-27-68752997
Office of Postgraduate affairs: +86-27-68752979